We manufacture high precision pumps to exacting standards of the industry. Our pumps are finished to the last micron, best materials and suitably designed. Our pumps are both corrosion and wear resistant. Our spinning pumps are being used by leading companies in India and over the world.

Types: Two Gear metering, three gear metering pumps
Area: Viscose, Acetate and Acrylic

Applications: Staple fibre, Filament yarn & Tyre cord

Technical Specifications:

Properties Values
Capacities 0.3cc/rev to 100cc/rev
Inlet / Outlet Single / Single – Multiple
Mounting Saddle / Foot
Viscosity Up to 600 poise
Temperature Up to 100o centigrade
Pressure Up to 40 Kgf (differential)
Material High grade heat treated alloy steel, depending on application
Speed Up to 120 RPM


Spinning Pumps Spinning Pumps
Spinning Pumps Spinning Pumps